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No matter what your level is, I will help you become more flexible and feel better in your body! Together we will follow a structured path that will help you achieve your goals!

Hello, I am Martina!

Hi, I'm Martina Sergi and I will help you become more flexible and feel good in your body!

I am a certified 500h yoga teacher and I have always done sports since I was little. For me, movement is passion and fun, a moment just for myself to disconnect from everything and feel good.


Discover my method to become more flexible!

I’m not a flexible person by nature, on the contrary! In high school my gym teacher always told me to work on my flexibility otherwise I would have problems “when I grew up”. When I started practicing yoga I felt like a stick and it seemed impossible to achieve the positions that for others seemed so easy. However, I am a very determined person and I didn’t give up. With practice, consistency and the right exercises I gradually improved and felt better and better in my body.

Precisely for this reason I teach my Flexibility style, the method that I used myself to improve and become more flexible.


Practice with me

Here you can find tutorials, guided yoga sessions, daily life vlogs and advice to improve your physical and mental well-being.

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MALI blocks

Learn more about the 3in1 blocks designed by me!

In 2018 I had several wrist problems and that’s why I started looking for blocks that could help me, but I couldn’t find them. I then said “I’ll make them!” I then designed the MALI blocks, unique and perfect blocks to help you in your yoga practices.

Their uniqueness is that they are 3 blocks in 1!

  • handstands blocksthey will help you with inversions and arm balances keeping your wrists strong and safe
  • wedge blocks:

    thanks to the oblique cut they will help you access positions such as malasana, skandsana, wheel and many others in an easy and safe way for your body.

  • blocchi tradizionali:

    they will help you make the positions more accessible or more advanced

Thanks to their exclusive shape you will find your best allies in the MALI blocks!

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